Open GENIE Reference Manual

This manual describes Open GENIE in detail. It is intended to provide detailed technical backup for the experienced user. It is available on line at This manual is complementary to the Open GENIE User Manual which is more suitable for someone using or installing Open GENIE for the first time.

The layout of the manual is designed so that sections can be printed directly from your web browser. In general we recommend that you only print areas of interest a section at a time as you need them. This manual is designed so you can print everything by going to the numbered sections in turn and printing the whole page.

If you have an advanced browser (e.g. MS Internet explorer 4) you can also print this page and one link deep to get a printout of the whole manual.

  1. Data Analysis Functions
  2. Graphics Commands
  3. GENIE-V2 Emulation
  4. I/O Commands
  5. Command Syntax
  6. Storage
  7. Array and Workspace Handling Functions
  8. String Handling Functions
  9. Mathematical Functions
  10. General Programming Functions
  11. System Dependent Functions
  12. Interactive control of Open GENIE Sessions
  13. Diagnostics and Debugging
  14. External Programming Interfaces
    GENIE Data Access Interface
    FORTRAN Module Interface
    C Module Interface
  15. Workspace Operations
  16. Object Oriented Programming Functions
  17. New Data Formats
  18. Index of functions
  19. Index of Keywords
  20. Appendices
    Supported Data File Formats
    Supported Graphics Devices
    Supported Graphics Attributes
    Implicit Data Conversions
    Regular Expressions